Coco Peru Plays ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ and It’s the Best Thing Ever

For more than 20 years, Miss Coco Peru has been entertaining the world with her one-woman shows,cabaret performances, movie and TV roles, and much more. She is the drag persona of Clinton Leupp, and her “Conversations with Coco” series has seen the star interviewing such names as Bea Arthur, Lesley Ann Warren, Karen Black, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda.

These days, she’s gathered a huge following for her YouTube videos, where she does everything from visiting a haunted house to buying a Christmas panatone for friends at Walgreens. But by far the funniest of her videos this year was Miss Coco Peru Plays Grand Theft Auto 5.

If you used to play video games, or if you have kids / relatives and will need to play video games with them during the holidays, then this short will have you pissing yourself. She takes all the elements most of us non-gaming adults think about when playing these newfangled games — such as a the pretty locations, secretly loving the crazy violence, and not being able to control the players with any kind of skill — and narrates those bits as she plays.

We seriously just spend a good chunk of the work day watching the video, sharing it, rewatching it, and crying with laughter the entire time.

Just like the game itself, this video isn’t something you should watch with children around. There’s swearing, as well as video characters having sex and engaging in gratuitous violence. That said, it’s super entertaining, and you’ll be able to have a semi-educated conversation with your young relatives that will make you look super cool. Check it out above.