Missing Parrot Found After Four Years, Now He Speaks Perfect Spanish

It is always heartwarming when a missing pet is reunited with his owner—especially in this case, where an African grey parrot named Nigel went missing for four years. After such a long time most owners give up hope of ever seeing their pet again, and it is easy to assume that the worst fate as befallen the animal.

While it is unkown what exactly happened to Nigel while he was missing, he clearly spent some of those long four years brushing up on his language skills.

A veterinarian named Teresa Micco lost her parrot, and was contacted by Happy Tails Dog Spa in Torrance, California after she posted ads for the missing bird. The bird’s microchip did not match and was unregistered with no owner information, but she was able to trace a paper trail back to the pet shop that Nigel came from, which had luckily kept a record of the sale.

Micco turned up at Darren Chick’s house, introduced herself and asked if he had lost a bird.

She verified his named, and said that she had found his parrot—who had gone missing four years before.

It was pure luck that the owner, Darren Chick, had never moved.

Although Chick is British, and says Nigel used to speak with a clear British accent, he was surprised to find the parrot is now able to speak in perfect Spanish phrases. Understandably, he has no idea how the bird picked up the language, but we’re sure he’s elated to have him back.