Burning Victim’s Last Words May Lead Detectives to Her Killer

A gruesome Mississippi murder has left the victim’s family devastated and local detectives scrambling for clues. Jessica Chambers, 19, was found burning beside her car, also engulfed in flames, on Saturday. Jessica was flown to a hospital in Memphis, but died shortly after arriving from severe burns covering 98 percent of her body, WSFA reports.

“They have ripped everything I have,” said Lisa Chambers, Jessica’s mother.

Lisa said her daughter left her home in Panola County to clean out her car and get something to eat, but she never made it home. Investigators arrived later in the night to inform Lisa and Jessica’s father Ben Chambers that their daughter had burned to death.

“When the fire department got there, she was walking down the road on fire. Only part of her body that wasn’t burned was the bottom of her feet,” Ben said, holding back tears. “They squirted lighter fluid down her throat and in her nose, and apparently they knocked her out. She had a big gash on top of her head.”

Jessica may have used her last breaths to set detectives on the trail of her killer. Though investigators won’t say what Jessica said, Ben asserts that she told the police the name of her killer.

“She told them, she told them, told him who done it,” he said.

Ben, a former employee of the Panola County Sheriff’s Office, says he has faith his colleagues will get to the bottom of the murder. Several people have been questioned by police so far, but no arrests have been made. Jessica’s car is burned to a crisp, along with any evidence that may have been inside.

Other people in the town have taken to social to demand #JusticeForJessica, a campaign which gained more than 7,000 likes in one day.

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