TGI Friday’s Mistletoe Drone Chops Off Woman’s Nose

Instead of feeling the giddy warmth of the season, a woman was left missing the tip of her nose after her encounter with a mistletoe-toting drone. In November TGI Friday announced the launch of mistletoe drones in their restaurants as a part of their“#Togethermas” campaign.  The mistletoe drones are each equipped with an HD kiss cam, and are meant to get diners into the holiday spirit.

Photographer Georgine Benvenuto was attending the mistletoe drone for the  launch at the Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn location —as part of her report for The Brooklyn Daily—when things went very wrong. The spinning—and uncovered—blades of one of the 10-inch drones clipped Benvenuto on the nose and chin, leaving her bloody.

“It literally chipped off a tip of my nose,” said Benvunuto, adding that it also cut her under her chin. “Thank God it didn’t go anywhere under my eye—that is my livelihood.”

According to The Brooklyn Daily, the accident occurred because the drone operator, David Quiones, attempted to land the drone on Benvenuto’s hand. When the drone touched down, Quiones says she flinched, causing the drone to lose balance and cut her face.

Quiones maintains that if Benvenuto had not flinched, the accident wouldn’t have occurred, but Benvenuto feels that as the operator he should take responsibility. “He is the one controlling it—he needs to be more careful,” she said.

TGI Friday’s called the incident an one-of event in a statement, adding that safety is their priority and that the chain is “sorry that this isolated incident occurred.”

Despite the corporate vote of confidence in the campaign, it looks like drones, kissing, and enclosed dining spaces do NOT make for a winning holiday combo.