Mistress Kidnaps Lover’s Wife, Kills Her and Then Turns the Gun on Herself

According to WXIA-TV, Sandra Barnett, a special needs teacher at McNair Middle School, was shot and killed by her husband’s mistress. The woman then turned the gun on herself.

Police are calling it a murder-suicide.

The unidentified woman kidnapped Barnett, 49, at her home in Ellenwood, Georgia, on Thursday and led police on a chase across state lines. Clayton Country police report the vehicle stopped on Interstate 20 in Cleburne County, Alabama, and a standoff followed.

That’s when the kidnapping suspect pulled a gun from the backseat of her black Dodge Durango and shot Barnett before pointing the gun at her own head and pulling the trigger.

Both women were pronounced dead when officers approached the vehicle.

So far, authorities have not disclosed the suspect’s name.