You Are Not Alone: Get a Closer Look at the Mites Living on Your Face

Did you know that at any given moment their are hundreds, even thousands, of microscopic mites crawling all over your face? It’s true, and it’s quite disturbing.

Called demodex, these eight-legged creatures live inside our hair follicles, casually eating away at the oils we secrete.

They are known to come out at night and crawl around on our faces. They’re only found on humans — mostly our eyelids, nose, cheeks, forehead and chin.

The bugs, which are actually closely related to spiders, lay eggs in your pores and guess what? When they die, their poop splatters all over your skin. Gross.

Oh yeah, they even have sex on your face.

So, next time you think about resting your head on someone else’s pillow at night, you may want to reconsider.