WATCH: Thieves Pick the Wrong Gas Station to Rob

Call us dark, but we think this is kind of a delicious moment caught on video.

Some thieves decided to rob a gas station in Houston, Texas. And, like most guys who rob gas stations, they clearly didn’t do their research before making their move.

A gas station employee was returning to work carrying a bank bag. In the video above, you see that the robbers attack him as he gets out of his car, presumably to steal the money he was bringing back to the station. What they didn’t know was that inside was his co-worker, Mayura Dissanyake, who not only knows how to turn on the pumps but is also a trained MMA fighter who was five-time national champion in his native Sri Lanka.

Dissanyake immediately ran outside, kicking one of the robbers in the face, then following it with a rapid set of hits. 

“Just a reaction,” Dissanayaka said. “You see someone get beat up, you just go out.The first guy I saw, I just kicked him in the face. Then I punched the other guy.” The thieves attempted to take off, but “when they were running back, I caught one guy with a hook, so he fell down — so they just left him.” Dissanayaka continued wailing on the remaining thief “until he stopped moving ’cause I wasn’t sure if he had like, a knife or a gun — so I wanted him to stop moving.”

And, with that, “MMA fighter gas station” became a top trending search term on Google, making Dissanayaka an internet sensation this week.

Police arrested the man, identified as 33-year-old O’Dell Mathis. And, while the others got away, there’s a good chance they will be caught soon. As one customer at the gas station said, this was still a “feel good” story.