Model Left Infertile and in Chronic Pain After She Had Glass Beads Injected to Get a Larger Bum

An Argentinian model named Silvina Luna was left with multiple health conditions after she had glass beads injected into her bum in an attempt to make it larger. She apparently suffered kidney damage from the initial operation, and had to be placed on medication that she will have to take for the rest of her life.

The medication in turn has left her infertile, according to reports, and additionally she suffers from residual and chronic pain from the failed procedure.

Now she is suing the doctor who performed the injections, who was supposed to give her a shapelier butt and ended up ruining her life instead.

Apparently the injections, that use small beads infused into a fat-solution, are meant to create a firmer and rounder appearance. The procedure is no longer practiced, and is controversial in the world of cosmetic and plastic surgery, because the beads are impossible to remove and can spread throughout the body through soft tissue.

Luna said that after the injections she couldn’t even walk down stairs without help. It was only later that she learned the injections had permanently damaged her kidneys.

Now as other patients have come forward against the doctor, identified as Dr. Anibal Lotocki questions have been raised as to whether or not he was even authorized to perform the procedure.