Uncomfortable with Who You Are? Listen to This Model and Everything Will Change

Model Melanie Gaydos is not only a young, self-aware, intelligent human being with a good soul, she’s also a person who displays incredible strength, even in the face of defeat.

She is living with ectodermal dysplasia — a genetic disorder that effects your nails, teeth, hair and skin — and also survived an alcoholic family, abuse, and suicidal thoughts.

Gaydos was interviewed for the What’s Underneath Project, which aims to “redefine beauty and to bust open the rigid and stagnant status quo.”

Needless to say, this video really made us tear up. There wasn’t a dry eye in the office after listening to what she had to say about her life. It’s difficult to imagine the stresses she endures on a daily basis because of other peoples’ judgement.

“A lot of people judge me; they think I’m pretty fucking weird. When I go on a photo shoot, the other industry models don’t know what to make of me,” she explains. “They’re usually like, ‘What the fuck is this?’ It’s difficult for me in the fashion world; people think I’m a gimmick and that I’m just being exploited for my differences.”

But she’s not letting the fact that she looks different sway her from being happy and comfortable with who she truly is.

We’ve met countless people… and you know what? We’ve never met anybody half as real as her.

The video is a bit lengthy, but definitely worth a watch.