Models Tricked Into Spraying Poop-Scented Perfume on Themselves in the Meanest Prank Ever

If you think you had a rough week, try being these two ladies who thought they were going to film a perfume commercial but boy, were they wrong.

Vat19 played a prank on a couple of unsuspecting models by staging a commercial production in which the women are asked to sell the product. What the women didn’t know though, was that the pranksters filled the pretty little perfume bottles  with a scent called “Liquid Ass.” And yes, the name is very, very appropriate to the aroma.

The poop-scented perfume coats the women as they first spray it on themselves, and then are asked to stand in front of a fan as the “perfume” wafts through the air and on to them.

Their reaction when the smell hits them makes us both cringe and feel horrible for them.

We sure hope these ladies got some fat checks for being put through this stuff.

Check it out above.