WATCH: Mom Explains Why She Created ‘Stoner Jesus Bible Study’

mom creates stoner jesus bible study

In the video report above, Deb, a mother who lives in Colorado explains why she decided to create the “Stoner Jesus Bible Study.”

It wasn’t that she sought to be disrespectful to Christianity, but she was trying to reach out to those who share the same health problem that she owns — horrific migraine headaches.

Deb had tried everything “conventional” to deal with her frequent headaches, but nothing seemed to work. However, now that marijuana is legal in Colorado, she is committed to sharing the benefits of the drugs on those who suffer from migraines.

As she discovered the benefits of the drug, Deb knew that she could help other Christians who battle with the ethical questions surrounding its use. This is why she’s gone public with her Bible study group and is happy to share her story.

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