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Daughter Dies, Mom Find’s Secret Letter — Is Shocked!

Taylor Smith, from Johnson A City, Tennessee passed away in 2014 of complications with pneumonia. The 12-year-old came down with the infection unexpectedly, and her death was a surprised to all.

Marry Ellen and Tim Smith, her parents, discovered a letter when going through their daughter’s room. The envelope read: “To be opened by Taylor Smith on April 13, 2023 only unless said otherwise.”

Taylor Smith Letter After Death

The following video explains the letter in detail, and you can see the full letter below:

Here is the full letter:

Taylor Smith Letter After Death
The letter 12-year-old Taylor penned to her 22-year-old self

After the letter was found, her father decided to share it in a Facebook post.

As you can tell upon reading the letter, Taylor was a deep soul and visionary. Not only did she speak of spirituality and accomplishment, she went as far as drawing an iPad so that she could show your children what it looked like — in case they were non-existent by then.

“Don’t forget to tell your kids that we’re older than the tablet”, she writes. “I also have a drawing of an iPad so you can show them.”

Her father told NBC: “I just want people to know what an awesome, awesome person she was… I can’t physically resurrect her, I can’t bring her back, but I”m so grateful people have been inspired by her story.”

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