Mom in Washington Lets Two-Year-Old Son Take a Bong Toke

Most parents wouldn’t even think twice about having a cocktail while at home with their kids and even getting a little bit tipsy. But getting stoned while they are around?

That’s a completely different story.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 18 percent of people ages 26 to 34, and nine percent of those 35 to 49, have smoked within the last year. Usually, the majority of them hide their stashes from their kids, because they don’t want them to become pot smokers.

But one checked-out parent just made headlines by giving her two-year-old son a bong hit.

Rachelle Braaten, 24, was arrested on Friday and is facing charges after police performed a welfare check and stumbled upon dozens of marijuana plants and guns at her home in Centralia, Washington. They also found a video on a cell phone showing her putting a bong to the boy’s mouth.

In the video, which aired on KOMO-TV, Braaten can be heard laughing as the little boy unknowingly takes a toke.

Both the mother and her fiancé, Tyler Lee, have been booked for delivering a controlled substance to a minor, manufacturing drugs and other charges.

Her son, along with another five-year-old, have been taken into custody by child protective services.

Although many people are trying to obtain a license to smoke, grow, process or sell marijuana, this woman should be required to have a license to be a parent.