Troubled Mom Jumps into Ocean with Baby in Arms

A young mother and her infant child nearly lost their lives after the mom allegedly threw herself and the baby into the bay in Atlantic City’s inlet section late Sunday afternoon.

Luckily for the two, heroic civilians rushed to the rescue and were able to save their lives.

According to witnesses, 23-year-old Patricia Shurig raised her baby daughter toward the sky, lowered her, walked toward the water and jumped in with the child.

Luiz Ortiz was at the beach with a fishing buddy when the incident occurred and is being credited for rescuing Shurig.

“She was 100 yards out, drowning,” he told reporters.

He told the woman, “I’’m gonna go in for you. But you can’t panic, and don’t try to grab me,” before he dove in and rescued Shurig. She was “completely unresponsive [and] limp as a noodle” according to Seth Perkins, who also aided the rescue, according to police.

Another fisherman, Tom Bell, helped save the baby’s life. “I did two mouth-breaths, turned her over, patted her on the back,” he explained.

“She spit up a lot of water. I just ran down the jetty and gave it to the EMS people.”

Both the mother and baby are being treated at a hospital, but Shurig will be charged with second-degree aggravated assault and taken to the Atlantic County jail on $100,000 bail according to Press of Atlantic City.

Following the incident, Shurig’s fiancé has spoken out about it and is defending her by claiming she wouldn’t intentionally put herself or her child in danger.