Mom Kidnaps Son, Kills Herself, Leaves Note ‘You Will Never Find Him’

It was in 2011 when Jim Pitzen last saw his son. He had dropped six-year-old Timmothy off at school with his wife Amy, little did he know that would be the last time he would see both of them.

According to People, about half an hour later, Amy picked up her son from school due to an apparent family emergency. No one saw much of them after that. Three days after their disappearance police officials found Amy dead inside a motel with cuts along her neck and wrists, which investigators are counting as suicide. However, along with her was a note with the burning words saying her and Jim’s son was safe but that they will never find him.

After long searches and years later there is still no sign of where Timmothy is. Despite not having any clues Jim is desperate to find his son whom he still believes to be alive. In an exclusive interview with People he said: “She loved that little guy so much. I can’t see her killing him. I just can’t.”

Inside the pages of the latest issue of the magazine Jim opens up about how his wife struggled with depression and how the two almost even got a divorce.timmothy-pitzen-1-435

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has created an aged photo of what Timmothy Pitzen might look like now at age 11. Anyone with information is to call police officials immediately.