Mom Puts Her 4-Year-Old Daughter Between 6 Male Pitbulls and Their Food

Pitfalls are no doubt a polarizing breed.

While seemingly half of the population that has an opinion on them says they’re vicious, unpredictable animals that can’t be trusted, the other half believes they are just as capable of showing love, respect and loyalty as any other breed it’s fully up to the owners to train them properly to bring about these qualities.

One mom of a four-year-old girl is the latter camp. To prove her point that pitbulls have the ability to be obedient dogs, she put her daughter right smack in the middle of six of her own dogs as the young girl prepared their meal. In the video, the daughter keeps them all in line, telling them to “stay,” as she takes her time getting their food ready.

Then she counts to three, gets out of their way and gives them the green light, as the dogs rush in.

While she certainly makes a point, some people may think this mom’s move is a little too risky and careless.

What are your thoughts?