Mom Sews Amazing Disney Costumes for Daughter, Turns Her Into Local Star

Three-year-old Lane Rouch from Florida has become something of an unofficial star whenever she visits Disney World in Orlando.That’s because she usually appears in some of the most incredible Disney-inspired costumes we’ve ever seen — and the joy those costumes create for Lane simply radiates off the young girl’s face.

The Huffington Post reports that Lane’s parents Jennifer and Chad are huge Disney fans, and Jennifer is actually an incredibly talented seamstress “and has created countless costumes for Lane, usually by recycling and up-cycling materials from local thrift stores.” Some of the costumes look like recreations from the movies, such as Belle from Beauty and the Beast or Jane from Tarzan in the slide show above, while others are inspired by the movies, like Lane’s beautiful Cruella de Vil outfit that had the dog-napping villain melting a little on the inside.

The idea to make these magical outfits came about because Lane was “quite shy,” so the parents wanted to find something she could do with other kids. Enter, Disney World, and specifically Princess Tiana, who helped “bring Lane out of her shell.”

She was the first princess at the parks that Lane went up to all by herself, and they shared a game of peek-a-boo that was truly magical. Now they have a thing for looking for wildlife and picking flowers in ‘the bayou.’

Check out a sampling of the photos above. (We can’t EVEN handle the cuteness of the Disney employees costume, or the look in Lane’s eyes in the Star Wars picture.) You can learn more about Lane’s amazing Disney costumes on The Huffington Post article, as well as view her adventures on her “My Disney Daze” Tumblr page and Instagram.