Mom Teaches Child Not to Talk to Strangers — and It’s the Cutest Thing We’ve Ever Seen

This “Mom Teaches Child Not to Talk to Strangers” video came out last summer, but it’s just started making the rounds now in the United States, thanks in part to former Star Trek actor George Takei, who posted it on his popular Facebook page.

The video features Baby Yebin, who has her own YouTube page. In the background, you hear Yebin’s mom trying to convince the little child to not take anything from a stranger. But the concept of saying “No!” to a cookie, or going swimming, is a little difficult for young Yebin to grasp at the start — and within 10 seconds of watching this video you’ll see why it has gone viral.

This is the kind of conversation and experience most parents go through with their children, and watching it made us smile from ear to ear. Check out Baby Yebin — which is subtitled — and have a little fun with your daily lesson.