Mom Throws Baby Out of Car — Says ‘I Need a Break Anyway’

A Florida mother was arrested after she threw her baby out of the car during a traffic stop. Monique Miller, 34, was pulled over by police because she was allegedly driving with the child in her lap, CBS reported.

The following day, a judge ordered her to stay away from the child. She reportedly responded to the court order saying “OK, I need a break anyway.”

According to the police report, Miller refused to pull over at first when officers signaled her for a routine traffic stop. When she finally did stop the car, Miller became irate toward the officer. She reportedly screamed at the officer and yelled expletives. She reportedly refused to calm down, and threw the child out of the car at the cop.

Fortunately the officer was able to grab the baby, and the child was unharmed. It is not known how old the baby is.

Another passenger was in the car, but fled from the vehicle when Miller pulled over.  Miller also allegedly kicked the police car, and slammed the car door into the officer’s head.

Miller was arrested, and has been charged with child neglect, battering a police officer, criminal mischief, and possession of marijuana.

In addition to ordering her to stay away from the child, the judge also ordered that Miller take all of her prescribed medications.