Mom Transforms Old TV Cabinet into Something Awesome for Her Kids

As a kid, one of my favorite things to play with was my play kitchen. I’d spend hours pretending to be a culinary chef, whipping up everything from maple leaf tea to my world famous mud pies. But the set I had was made out of cheap plastic and was totally unrealistic–even for playtime.

This DIY play kitchen is way cooler than any set I’ve ever cooked on. Can you imagine how much more amazing pretending would have been with one of these?

It’s not only a wonderful space for education, playtime and fun, it’s also a piece of furniture that’s guaranteed to last for many generations.

Complete with a fridge and kitchenette, building something like this is sure to inspire and encourage imaginative play for your children.

Find out how to create your very own kitchen play set with directions from Debbie Williams over on eHow.

Source: eHow