Mom Updates Her Tattoo of Transgender Son to Represent “Who He Really Is”

Lindsay Peace, a Canadian mom, decided that she wanted to do something major to support her son’s transition from female to male.

“As our oldest child Ace is FTM (Female to male) transgender we need to update the tattoo to fully represent who he is in his happy new awesome life,” Lindsay’s husband Steve wrote on Facebook.

By this, he meant update his wife’s tattoo (of their┬áson) to represent who he truly is. Luckily, Steve is a tattoo artist and was happy to make the update.

Lindsay’s original tattoo revealed a girl wearing pigtails and a pink dress. It was created prior to Ace, 15, coming out as transgender. The following photos reveal the transformation.

mom changes tattoo for transgender son

The couple’s decision to act comes at a time in which 41 percent of transgender people attempt at least once to commit suicide. We give the Peace’s two thumbs up for their decision to support rather┬áthan shun their child.