Mom Whose Husband Raped Her Daughter Steals Rape Compensation Money

Chantelle Jones was 11 years old when she became pregnant by the man who sexually attacked her twice, rapist rapist Russel Tovey, who was then married to Chantelle’s mother, Beverley Bale. Chantelle gave birth at the age of 12 and became known as the youngest mom in England. She did not keep the baby.

Because of what she suffered, Chantelle was awarded $25,000. At the time the decision was made, Chantelle was under 18, so the money went to her mother in a trust account that was to be paid to Chantelle when she reached adult status.

Beverley Bale gave Chantelle $8,000 when she turned 18. She told her daughter she would receive the remaining $17,000 in compensation when she turned 21. When that day came, however, Chantelle only got $2,000 from her mother. Chantelle says her mother spent over $11,000 of it on a wedding to her new partner.

What’s most shocking about the story is that if it hadn’t been for her choice in partners the first time around, Chantelle would not have suffered so much and at such a young age.

“She’s betrayed me for the last time,” Chantelle told the Daily Mail. “Not only have I lost my childhood, I’ve lost my baurlby and now I’ve lost my compensation for being raped. She’s ruined my life and I don’t want anything to do with her.”

Bale appeared in Court after pleading guilty to stealing the rape compensation from her daughter. She is due to be jailed for 16 months. She is also ordered to do 150 hours of unpaid work.

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