‘Momster’ Day Gift Ideas for the Horrible Mom in Your Life

Most of us will struggle to find a wonderful gift this year for Mother’s Day. But a few folks will secretly fantasize gifting something a bit more unusual — a gem more befitting the mother they’ve grown to despise. The mother who makes their lives a living hell.

Of course if you’ve got a mother who is more of a “momster,” you’d rather not give her a gift at all. But we all know what’s going to happen if you don’t — so just save yourself the misery of hearing about it all year long and just get her something.

But we never said your gift has to be flowers and chocolates. For gift-givers who want to send their non-so-dear old mom a message, we have some ideas that should do the trick.

Check out the slideshow above for Mother’s Day gifts for bad moms that give a big ol’ middle finger to the momster in your life.