Monica Lewinsky Paid $12 Million For Tell-All Book on Clinton Affair

When the late 1990s disappeared, former DC intern Monica Lewinsky seemed to evaporate from the public eye, and everyone assumed she was gone for good.

But, thanks to her scandalous past, it’s hard to get a job when you have such a well-known name, and Lewinsky’s looking to make some money during these hard economic times.

So, she decided 14 years after the news broke of her affair with then President Bill Clinton, she would write a tell-all book about their infamous relationship and his claims that wife Hillary Clinton was a “cold fish” and how their sex life at the time was “non-existent.”

Before you let out of chorus of “ewwww’s,” know that Lewinsky is banking big bucks for these revealing details.

The New York Post is reporting she was paid $12 million for them, and that she’s even sharing love letters from 14 years ago that she wrote to Clinton, never seen by anyone.

An insider says of the alleged love letters, “In them, she opened her heart about her love for Bill and how much happier she could make him. Some of what she wrote was so raw that she never sent them.”

Well, he’ll be reading them now, along with the rest of the world!

Why would Lewinsky bring back the past after so many years? According to the New York Post, Lewinsky blames Clinton for her life post-scandal. While he stayed on for his last Presidency term, and the public let bygones be bygones, Lewinsky has had a hard time making a living for herself.

After working briefly as a news correspondent and handbag designer, she hasn’t found much of a career.

The insider (snitch) tell the New York Post, “No one will hire her and she can’t get a job . . . She needs to make money somehow.”

Looks like she can laugh now, all the way to the bank.