The Monica Lewinsky Scandal in Pictures

Monica Lewsinky is forever branded by the mark of regret.

A regret that comes from whatever her and President Bill Clinton were up to in the closet of the Oval Office.

Lewinsky was not only made into a scapegoat, but was also betrayed by her alleged friend, Linda Tripp, who secretly tape-recorded their telephone conversations when the two discussed her affair with Clinton.

Even years after the investigation that lead to Clinton’s impeachment, her infamy lives on. She will always be used to generate publicity. Always. Steve Almond believes things coud have turned out much differently:

In a more mature democracy, the two of them would have conducted their affair in private, as they intended — and as numerous earlier presidents have. They would have had to answer only to their own consciences, and, in Clinton’s case, perhaps to his wife and family. But this is America, where any act of sexual impropriety among the famous immediately becomes a valued commodity.

Above is a slideshow of the Lewinsky scandal, which includes photos from when she first met Clinton to taking the stand in court.

Images: Reuters

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