Monica Lewinsky’s Negligee, Bill Clinton Letter On Auction

Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend Andy Bleiler¬† is seeking big bucks for a floor-length black negligee, along with 29 other items that were monica l negligeeexamined by federal investigator Kenneth Starr during impeachment proceedings.

The negligee, along with several handwritten notes and cards written by Lewinsky and a signed letter from Bill Clinton to Bleiler on White House stationary, were placed online by Nate D. Sanders on Monday, June 24. The auction officially closes Thursday, June 27.

Other items include White House keepsakes, articles of clothing owned by Lewinsky, and three sealed boxes of presidential M&Ms.

And no, the infamous blue dress, isn’t a part of the collection!

The bid for the entire collection began at $2,500 and now sits at nearly $6,500.

If you’re wondering how Bleiler owns these keepsakes,¬†auction manager Laura Yntema says the answer is quite clear. Bleiler turned Monica’s property over to Kenneth Star’s team in the 90s. When the investigation was finalized, it was sent back to him.

These items can be yours. Click here to bid before it’s too late!

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