Lobbyist Argues Monsanto Weed Killer Is Safe to Drink, Flips the F*ck Out When Offered Some

There is currently a growing health crisis in various regions of Argentina — where cancer rates are two to four times higher than the national average.

Allegedly, the primary cause is an active ingredient in herbicide called glyphosate, the world’s top-selling weed killer.

GMO seed giant Monsanto uses Roundup (glyphosate) to cover farmlands across the country. However, despite the rising rates of health disorders, they have denied taking any responsibility for the potential link.

When controversial lobbyist Dr. Patrick Moore was interviewed by Canal+ about glyphosate, he claimed that Roundup was safe for humans to consume and not related to the cancer incidents.

The peculiar thing is, when he is offered a glass of it to drink, he refuses because he’s “not an idiot.”

Moore then gets pissed off and abruptly ends the interview.

Patrick Moore promotes such anti-environmental positions as clearcut logging, nuclear power, farmed salmon, PVC (vinyl) production, genetically engineered crops, and mining. Clients for his consulting services are a veritable Who’s Who of companies that Greenpeace has exposed for environmental misdeeds, including Monsanto, Weyerhaeuser, and BHP Minerals.


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