WATCH: Filmmaker Says He Can Prove the Moon Landing Was a Hoax

There have been numerous people throughout the last handful of decades that swear the moon landing was a complete hoax. Bart Sibrel happens to be one of them.

He is now claiming that he has proof the CIA completely orchestrated the Apollo 11 moon landing. In fact, he believes that a moon landing would be way too dangerous for humanity to even attempt.

Sibrel recently spoke with Daily Star Online and shared that he believes the historic event took place on a movie set. He also thinks that the Apollo crew were a bunch of actors who played their parts. Additionally, the actors were fed instructions by the CIA via ear pieces.

The question remains, so how is he so sure about this?

He says he’s been on a mission to get down to the truth since he was 24-years-old. Somehow he says he was able to get a hold of raw, unedited footage from NASA. This footage has long been deemed top secret and includes a radio conversation between the crew and a third party. He believes that third party is the CIA, which fed the astronauts with their moving words.

In order to reveal what he considers definite truth, Sibrel made the above film about the “moon landing.”

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