More Recent College Grads Moving Back in with Mom & Dad

It’s not exactly a news flash that many recent graduates have moved back in with their parents over the last few years after finding it difficult to secure a job. But just how many are fleeing back to the nest?

Pew economist Richard Fry shed light on just how many of these Millennials, also known as the “Boomerang Generation,” have returned home by looking at census data for The Atlantic. What he found was in 2011, a whopping 45 percent of recent grads aged 18-24 moved back in with family. A decade prior to that, those stats were 45 percent lower.

The dismal stats are about on par with the results the Pew found in a new poll in 2012, but it’s worth noting that it isn’t as bad as the 85% many prominent media outlets erroneously reported out last year.

What’s interesting in the poll below is that regardless of education level or age, what is consistent across the board is that more young adults are living at home than a decade ago. Bummer.

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