Can You Afford the Most Expensive Versions of Everyday Items? We Can’t!

We remember a time when we forked up $50 for a burger and felt like total ballers. And now that we know there is a bottle of water that costs $60,000, we’re starting to feel a little on the humble side.

Take a look at the most expensive versions of everyday items. If you could, would you go all out and purchase the priciest clothes, shoes, cars and tech?

We’d like to think that many people would draw the line at some point and not indulge in things like a $3.4 million bottle of cognac or $1,200 socks. On the other hand, we wouldn’t mind treating ourselves for a $1,010 cupcake coated in edible gold.

That said, some people have more money in the bank than they know what to do with. For them, spending an insane amount of money on everyday stuff is not out of the ordinary. So, clearly, these people live in a different world from the rest of us.

But if money weren’t an issue, would you also go for one of the items on this list? Or would you spend it in different ways — like trips around the world, building the perfect castle-mansion, or driving one of the most expensive cars ever created? (After giving some dough to charity, of course.)

Here are some of the most ridiculously expensive everyday items we have ever come across. Got a few extra thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket? How about a few million? Great! You might be able to afford some of the above.