Most Genius Facebook Article Ever

Yesterday, BuzzFeed posted an article that is so genius we had to share it with you. It comes from Whitney Jefferson and the premise pretty much comes from the headline: “People You Need to Unfriend on Facebook Immediately.”

How do they determine it? Simple. By letting you know which annoying contemporary pop culture figures or items your friends love so much that they would click their “Like” button on that person or group or thing’s Facebook fan page. All you do is log on to Facebook, go to the article, and click the link under the offending person or group or thing’s photo.

To be fair, there’s a definite bias here. BuzzFeed and, we can assume, Ms. Jefferson, are probably liberal leaning. We can tell because the options that are annoying-by-association include Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and former President George Bush. But there are also some figures who could be considered pretty dang douchey if you asked the general public.

Who or what else is on the list?

Nickelback, Croc shoes, crazy-haired Food Network host Guy Fieri, John Mayer, Paris Hilton, Two and a Half Men the TV show (with Charlie Sheen), Glenn Beck, Kim Kardashian, the spouse-punching Chris Brown, Larry The Cable Guy, HBO series Entourage, Ashton Kucher but not on Two and a Half Men, Ed Hardy clothing, TV sitcom Whitney, The Situation from Jersey Shore, Creed, the Adam Sandler film Jack and Jill, dirty book Fifty Shades of Grey, and The Black Eyed Peas.

Click here to see the full article and check out which of your friends have poor taste.