Most Important Cars at 2015 Detroit Auto Show

This week saw the Detroit Car Show 2015 open in icy Detroit. It featured the biggest names in the business showing off the cars, trucks and electric vehicles that they are betting on for the coming years.

As always, speed was one big sexy factor to the show — and you can view a great video report of those cars in out Auto section. The other not-so-big-surprise was the return of the truck. Americans have long loved this vehicle, and with lower gas prices hitting stations all over the U.S., car companies are betting on a reigniting of that love.

Ford showed off the new F-150 Raptor, a 400-plus-horsepower pickup truck that Reuters described as “better suited to burning rubber than hauling hay.” It has racing shock absorbers, a 10-speed transmission and the word FORD splayed across the grill.

Nissan also showed off its redesigned Titan pickup, which will be equipped this fall with a brawny Cummins V8 diesel rated at 310 horsepower and 555 pound-feet of torque.

What else was super big? The above slide show features more than 20 photos and captions for the event, and journalists are still writing up articles on them. As for the hottest, Inform produced a video stating that the five vehicles that will matter most from the 2015 Detroit Auto Show are the Acura NSX, Toyota Tacoma, Volkswagen SUV, Mercedes GLE Coupe and the Ford GT. You can check out those as other models above, and the video report below.