The Most Stressful Jobs in the World – Does Yours Make the List?

You may think the most stressful jobs are the highest paying ones, like being a big shot CEO, well guess again.

The most stressful jobs in the world actually happen to be the most heroic ones. The title goes to those who save lives and even put their own life on the line for others.

Forbes listed Firefighters as their number one most stressful job while a reporter was their least stressful. However, CareerCast also listed firefighters as their number one and an event coordinator as their number eight.

We’ve done our research, compared and contrasted, and rounded up a list of the most stressful jobs in the word. From a teacher to a firefighter to a pilot, these people have the most stressful, yet rewarding jobs around.


1. Firefighter

Average salary- $45,000

2. Police Officer

Average Salary- $50,000

3. Military General

Average Salary- $160,000

4. Emergency Dispatcher

Average Salary- $37,000

5. Enlisted Military Personnel

Average Salary- $28,000

6. Doctor

Average Salary- $260,000

7. Teacher

Average Salary- $54,000

8. Commercial Airline Pilot

Average Salary- $100,000

9. Reporter

Average Salary- $35,000

10. Event Coordinator

Average Salary- $48,000