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This Guy’s Friends Pull a Huge Moth… and Another Creepy Creature Out of His Ear (VIDEO)

WARNING: This clip is not for the faint of heart. 
What happens when you realize a huge moth has flown into your ear? According to the above video, you flail around on the floor until all of your friends surround you and attempt to pull it out with some tweezers.
What’s worse is that moth wasn’t in there all by itself, there’s also a live tick crawling around!
“This shit is fucked up,” the guy yells. He explains to his buddies that he can hear the moth “running” in his head.
When the camera zooms in for a closer look at the intruder, you can actually see the moth inside his ear canal flapping its wings.
At the moment the insect is pulled out, you can hear everyone around screaming in horror (as they should). And you will, too, after watching the video above.
The madness starts around 0:48.

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