Mother Arrested for Allegedly Leaving Her Son Tied to a Bush

A New York mother was arrested after she allegedly tied her young son to a bush outside of the building complex where she worked. 22-year-old Mery Isabel Quinde-Castro is being investigated by police after witnesses reported that the 4-year-old child was tethered to the bush by a leash.

According to news reports, Quinde-Castro left the child outside the condo complex where she works because she had no one to watch him after he was sent home from preschool.

ABC6 reported:

She did not want to bring him to the home where she works or let the family she works for know she had her child with her, so she apparently tethered him to the bush by a leash attached to his backpack so that he wouldn’t run around the complex.

When police responded to the scene the found the boy unharmed, and tracked down his mother. Police Chief Paul Modica said that Quinde-Castro claimed her son was only outside alone for 10 minutes, but that the Spring Valley police investigation indicates he may have been outside for more than 45 minutes.

Regardless of how long he was left alone, authorities said it was a huge risk—the young child could have easily been kidnapped or injured while outside by himself.

Chief Modica said it was unknown how long she planned on leaving her son outside alone, but noted that there were no other signs of abuse.

Quinde-Castro’s family is calling the situation a misunderstanding.

She has been charged with child endangerment. She posted bail for $2,500.