Mother Arrested After Barefoot Kids Are Found Selling Their Toys Door-to-Door

A Florida mother was arrested and charged with child neglect after her daughters were found alone a half mile away from home, WFLA reported. The two girls, ages seven and nine, were discovered alone and barefoot going door-to-door trying to sell their toys in Osceola County.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, deputies were following up on an anonymous tip when they found the girls. The girls , who were pushing their toys in a baby stroller, told deputies that they missed the school bus and were trying to “help mommy stay in the house.”

Although neither child could provide authorities with a street address, they were able to give directions to their home a half mile away.

When the deputies brought the children home they discovered the mother, April Emery, at home and asleep. Emery allegedly told deputies that the girls “should know better” because it’s their job to wake her up in the morning to go to school.

The arrest report noted that doors to the residence were left open and Emery told deputies she had no idea where the girls went.

Additionally the sisters stated that “mommy’s roommate” had seen them leave.

The girls are reportedly staying with a family member during the ongoing investigation.

Emery remains in county jail on $1,000 bail.