Young Mother Chooses Death to Save Her Newborn Daughter

A mother diagnosed with bone cancer was told that to receive treatment would mean ending her 10-week pregnancy. Instead she turned down the life-saving cancer treatment so that her unborn, but healthy, daughter could have a chance at life, CBSLA reported.

“Maybe I’m not supposed to be here and she is,” Bridges said.

Eight months into her pregnancy, Ashley Bridges was told that her cancer had spread and was terminal. She delivered Paisley early, started chemotherapy, but still has been given less than a year to live by her doctors.

In an a heartbreaking interview about her decision, Bridges and her family members are unable to fight tears.

Bridges, only 24 years old, also has a 6-year-old son. Friends and family have banded together to help take care of Bridges and her children.

“She’s a real-life superhero, to be honest with you,” Bridge’s sister said.