Mother & Daughter Battle Terminal Cancer Together

Cecilia Saravia had been in remission from Leukemia for five years, that was until her deadly disease came back her first year of college. Her battle started when she was 13, and now years later the 20-year-old is still fighting.

Her mother has been by her bedside since day one and remains there after she had complications with her bone marrow transplant, and even after she too has been diagnosed with cancer.

Estella Laskano is trying to beat stage four breast cancer, all while trying to remain strong and inspire her daughter to do the same.

Now the mother-daughter duo are trying to stay strong for each other as they battle for their lives together.

Cecilia told KTLA that her mother has been the one she has fought for the whole time, but now the tables have turned. “When I got sick, I saw my mom as an invincible person, I guess I’m just used to her always being the one taking care of me and being the strong one.”

Friends have set up a GoFundMe account for the single mother and her daughter to help pay for both of their medical bills.