Mother Films Her Baby’s Seizure as a Warning to Others (VIDEO)

A video shared by a woman named Belen Robbins has gone viral, as it shows her seven-month-old baby daughter Bella experiencing a rare form of infant seizure.  Apparently the condition is called infantile spasms.

The symptoms look just like small, odd jerking movements. The movements can be very subtle, down to small head nod or eye roll, but tend to happen in clusters.

Belen says she wants to use the footage to warn other parents to look out for these symptoms too.

Unfortunately, this type of childhood epilepsy can be extremely frightening and can lead to long-term neurological impairment and disability as they grow older.

Early detection is key, because if it’s caught early enough doctors can help halt the progress of the condition with steroid treatments and possibly prevent brain damage.

According to The Mirror, Bella had experienced her first seizure earlier in the day which prompted her parents to rush her to the hospital.

She then had a second seizure while at the hospital, which is when they decided to film the occurrence and can be seen in the video clip below.