Mother Arrested After Baby Found Unresponsive and Intoxicated

An Arkansas mother was booked on several charges, after her 10-month-old was found unresponsive due to alcohol consumption. When the child was rushed to a local Children’s Hospital it was discovered that the infant had a blood alcohol level of 0.19.

The mother, 28-year-old Lori Sheppard, admitted to giving the child whiskey in order to make him stop crying.

According to Sergeant Randall Gilbert, Sheppard’s mother was the one who gave the advice.

The El Dorado News reported:

“During an interview with Gilbert, Sheppard said that her 10-month-old had been teething and she had given him Tylenol and Motrin to try and relieve the pain. When that didn’t seem to work, Sheppard called her mother, who told her to rub alcohol on the gums of the child.”

Sheppard also reportedly admitted to giving her son whiskey in his bottle.

She now faces charges of endangering the welfare of a minor and assault on a family or household member. She is being held on $10,000 bond.

The baby was released from the hospital and is in child protective custody. Sheppard’s other children were also taken in by the Arkansas Department of Human Services.