MISTAKEN IDENTITY: Mother Handcuffed at Gunpoint in Front of Kids

The above video features a case of mistaken identity at its worst. The mother of four in Forney, Texas was minding her own business when she was pulled over and handcuffed her at gunpoint in front of her four children — all under age 10.

Police have admitted they made a mistake, but have refused to apologize to Kemetra Barbour. Officials say they were responding to a report of four people waving a gun from the window of a beige or tan Toyota, never mind that Barbour was driving a red Nissan Maxima.

Barbour’s 6-year-old son came out of the car with his hands held high in the air — this is when officers knew they were making a mistake. The children were terrified, prompting the officers to try to calm them down.

According to the Forney Police Department, the officers were doing their very best job under the circumstances.