Mother Leaves Infant in Hot Car Twice in One Day to Go to the Gym

A Connecticut mother was busted for leaving her 4-month-old baby alone in a hot car twice in the same day. Her reason was that she needed to go the gym, according to authorities. 46-year-old Hiroko Kurihara was arrested and charged with two counts of injury to a minor, and two counts of leaving a child unattended in a car, according to reports from ABC 13.

Authorities were alerted after an assistant daycare teacher named Alicia Reid heard the infant screaming in the parking garage. Reid apparently tracked down the car with the screaming child and called police, who arrived with first responders.

The infant was found in an SUV with all of the windows rolled up. Kurihara returned to the vehicle before firefighters were able to retrieve the baby from within.

The child was unharmed, but distressed, and Kurihara was arrested on the spot.

According to some reports, this was Kurihara’s second trip to the gym that day. She had gone for an hour that morning, and then in the afternoon had been inside for about a half hour. Police believe the child was left alone in the vehicle for both trips.

The child was taken for medical treatment, then released to its father.