WATCH: Mother of Transgender Daughter Schools Haters in Six Minutes

The above video features Debi Jackson, who was bold enough to give a powerful speech regarding her transgender daughter’s treatment at school and beyond.

Her daughter was only six-years-old when she transitioned from male to female. In this emotional appeal for understanding, Jackson shares exactly what led to the transition and how her family lost most of their friends when she decided to accept her child as transgender.

She also focuses on the many misunderstandings that people have about transgender beings. For example, many people assume that those who support trans boys and girls are pushing a liberal agenda. She debunks that thought by stating that she is a conservative Baptist who has a heart for Christ.

In the end, Jackson discovered that it was a much better idea for her to embrace the truth that lives within her daughter than push her to fit the mold that society has created for humanity.

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