Mother Protects Baby in Stroller, Stops Stranger’s Assault on One-Year-Old Boy

WARNING: The video above may be disturbing to some.

Police are searching for a suspect who was caught on surveillance tape attacking a woman’s one-year-old baby. The mother was shopping in a drugstore in London with her young son alongside in a stroller when a woman made a grab for the baby, The Daily Mail reported.

A security guard attempted to detain the suspect until police arrived, but she quickly fled the store and disappeared on the busy street.  She apparently left saying “that baby would rather be dead.”

The attack occurred at a Boots drugstore, in broad daylight near Trafalgar Square.

According to authorities, the mother of the boy initially thought the stranger—a woman believed to be in her mid-sixties—was innocently admiring her child. However, within seconds she realized the unknown woman had a chokehold on the baby.

That’s when her motherly instincts kicked in, and she grabbed the woman’s hand, pushing her off the child. Fortunately, because of her quick actions the boy did not sustain any injuries—although the mother is obviously shaken from the attack.

Authorities believe the mom and baby were followed into the shop by the suspect, although it is unknown what prompted the attack. Police are asking for the public’s help to track down and identify the woman.

She is seen on the CCTV footage wearing a striped poncho and a distinct deerstalker hat.