Mother Refuses to Raise ‘Ugly’ Daughter Unless She Gets Plastic Surgery

A Russian mother, who goes on record only as Nadezhda, left her physically and mentally disabled daughter in the hospital after she was born because doctors didn’t think the girl would live for more than a few days. The girl miraculously survived.

More than a decade later, Nadezhda was told her daughter survived and has severe disabilities. Because she is a single mother with three sons at home, Nadezhda left the girl in an orphanage.

Now, the orphanage has informed Nadezhda that unless she takes Katya in, the girl faces life in an asylum when she turns 18. Social workers are scrambling to find a plastic surgeon because Nadezhda says she’s willing to take her daughter in if someone fixes her face.

‘If they manage to make her look better, I will be happy to take her to live with me. But I couldn’t bear to have her here and hear people talking about and calling her ‘ugly face,'” she says. “I live in a small village, and I have to think about what the neighbors will say. I am a single mother who raised other children on my own, and I can’t afford plastic surgery.”

Nadezhda says she assumed her baby girl had died when she left her in the hospital. By the time she was informed by the orphanage that her daughter was still alive, she was already a teenager.

When she first visited her daughter, Nadezhda said she was shocked at how ugly her daughter was. Despite her physical deformities, Nadezhda says she wants to care for her rather than leave her in an asylum, but only on the condition that she get plastic surgery.

Kristina Isaeva, from the charity Me Without A Mother,  is working with the social workers to raise money to pay for an operation. “We have contacted local plastic surgeons,” she said, “but nobody [is] prepared to take on the case for free.”

What do you think about all this? Does this woman sound like she’d be fit to raise this disabled girl?