Mother Too Terrified to Visit Dentist Uses Superglue to Keep Teeth in Her Mouth

Pretty much everyone we know has a fear of visiting the dentist. Well, except those select few who don’t mind the laughing gas.

For Angie Barlow, 48, going to the dentist stirred up so much terror that she had avoided having her teeth checked for more than 10 years. Instead of making an appointment to fix any teeth that had fallen out, she simply grabbed some superglue from the cabinet and tried to fix things herself.

Her DIY dentistry caused her to lose 90 percent of the bone structure supporting her teeth. With no other alternative, Barlow was obligated to use the money she had in her savings account to pay for a costly treatment, according to Daily Mail.


After most of her teeth were yanked out, dentists had to surgically implant titanium pins into her gums to keep her false teeth in place.

You may be thinking that this woman is absolutely bonkers, however,  there’s actually a legitimate reason behind why she has been too afraid to see a dentist.

“I’ve always been scared of the dentist because my mum died at 34 from throat cancer. She had a tooth out, and that’s how they found she had cancer,” she explained.

Barlow appears in a new BBC documentary, The Truth About Your Teeth, which focuses on how we can use the latest innovations to take better care of our oral health.