Mothers Get in Fight on School Bus; Child Stabbed

A mother protecting her bullied child on a Broward Country school bus in Florida escalated into a full-blown brawl Thursday morning.

The incident began around 8:40 am when Chaquinne Demps put her son on the bus and waited to make sure he would be safe. But according to sheriff’s spokeswoman Gina Carter, the bullying began right away. Demps boarded the bus to confront the children who were “terrorizing her child.” That’s when another parent and a 15-year-old girl followed her onto the bus to intervene.

“Unfortunately, she got into a fight with another parent,” said Carter. “That fight became very physical.” The young girl “ended up being stabbed in the hand during this argument.”

While Demps appears to be the hero defending her child in the story, the details are still murky. One child on the bus told CBS Miami, “The mom’s daughter, she tried to break up the fight, then the other boy’s mom came with a knife and stabbed her in the hand, all the way through.”

From there, Demps left the bus and went to her car where she retrieved a firearm.

“The mom pulled out a gun and said ‘What’s up now? What’s up now?’ Then the daughter and the mom went into the bus and closed the door,” said another child who was on the bus.

According to spokeswoman Carter, the story is slightly different: “This could have been much, much worse, because the mother of the bullied child was actually heading back to her vehicle to retrieve her firearm when we arrived on the scene.” The stabbed girl was taken to Broward Health North to be treated for her injury. reports that deputies arrested Demps on charges of aggravated battery and felony possession of a firearm. The site also states that Demps had been arrested several times since 2004 on charges including grand theft, burglary, criminal mischief and possession of a controlled substance.

None of the other middle school children were harmed during the altercation.