Mother’s Instinct Saves Twin Daughters from Rolling Car

Somehow, a mother just knows when their kids are in danger. Call it maternal instinct.

It is often said that a mother’s impulse to love and protect her children is hard-wired into her brain — so much so that some have even claimed to suddenly have super hero strength and abilities.

On March 6, Mindy Tran, 22, put her life on the line to save her twin toddlers.

After buckling her daughters in the backseat of her car, when Tran went to lock her front door, she turned around and saw the car rolling down the driveway.

Without hesitating, she just knew that she had to intervene to protect her children.

“I had to use myself as a speed bump to slow the car down enough so one of my neighbor’s could get in and to completely stop the car,” Tran explained.

She is now bound to a wheelchair with a crushed left knee and her right leg is dislocated from her hip.

Currently, Tran is in rehabilitation and is scheduled for surgery.