Mother’s Last Heartbreaking Goodbye to Brain Dead 10-Year-Old Son

A mother in China had to do something heartbreaking, that is every parent’s worst nightmare. She had to say goodbye to her child for the last time as she stood vigil at her son’s bedside. Her 10-year-old son was brain dead, the result of a tragic hit-and-run that left him in a coma, and it was time for him to die.

According to reports from The Daily Mail and People’s Daily Online, Chu Bingli and her husband decided that before their son died they should have his organs donated.

Thanks to their son’s organ donations, which included Chen Shuo’s corneas, kidneys, and liver, the lives of five people will be changed forever.

Now the devastating photo of Chu Bingli at her son’s bedside as she kisses his hand one last time to say goodbye has gone viral online.

According to reports, Chen Shuo had left his home to buy some cookies when he was hit by a passing car. He was left unconscious and, despite his parents’ hopes for a miracle, doctors confirmed their worst fears. Chen Shuo would be left brain-dead permanently.

His parents then had to make the tough choice to donate his vital organs to others.

Sadly, the person responsible for the hit-and-run has not yet been identified.