Dad Builds the Craziest Motorcycle Tree Swing That Will Blow Your Mind

Every kid dreams of a backyard play oasis, complete with a tree swing. But as you get older, it seems that a simple tire tied to a tree via rope becomes too blasé.  One guy thought it was time for the old tree swing to get a major upgrade.

A dad from Burrilville, Rhode Island, built the coolest, most insane—and incredibly dangerous—backyard tree swing ever. But be warned you probably should NOT go out and try this yourself.

He took a motorcycle and strung it from a tree to create an epically crazy swing. The video— posted to YouTube— is being shared across the Internet. It shows the man driving back-and-forth under the tree and be lifted completely off the ground once the bike reaches the end of the rope. As it comes back down, the spinning tires catch the ground and kick up dust as the motorcycle and rider get thrown in the opposite direction by the momentum of the swing.

As one would expect from such a risky contraption, the rider is eventually thrown to the ground. Fortunately he isn’t run over by his own motorcycle — at least not this time.

Watch the video in the clip above and, again, please don’t try to replicate this yourself.